Visions of Vegetables Danced in My Head

Visions of Vegetables Danced in My Head

From Lorig (Winter, 2011)

 As we trudge through the snow and imported vegetables, I find myself fantasizing about the summer bounty from the CSA.  I believe fantasy is the accurate, if somewhat naughty, word here.  During a meeting at work recently, I volunteered to chop vegetables for 200 people for a fundraising event so that we would not have to buy pre-cut vegetables.  A co-worker pointed out that it was not such a sacrifice I was making, because really I just like touching, holding, washing, and chopping vegetables.  Busted.  This led to the conversation about the PETA ad which was banned from the Superbowl in 2009, in which supermodels in bikinis fondle vegetables.  Well, at least I do it fully clothed….

 On a much more innocent front, though, even my children are wishing for the days of freshness.  And not just the sweet juicy peaches.  During the summer when Mike’s basket includes three different color beans, my children play a game at dinner where they close their eyes, pick a fresh raw bean from the dish, bite it, and then try to guess the color.  They play a similar game when the basket includes several different kinds of peppers.  Eyes closed, “is this one green, purple, or yellow?”  Missing this game, they tried to play it with a green pepper and a carrot the other day at dinner.  It was not quite the same.

Both my proudest and most horrified moments as a parent seem to be related to food.

My proudest moments as a parent would have to be the following:

Our pediatrician asks my then 5-year-old daughter what her favorite vegetable is.  She replies “broccoli”.

At the Farmer’s Market, I say, “here’s the spinach”, and my then 3-year-old son shrieks, “yay, spinach!”

We are touring Mike’s Farm, and my then 6-year-old daughter eagerly asks, “when will the zucchini come?”

 What more could a mother want? 

But then, the horror as we’re driving down the highway and there’s the Golden Arches, and my son calls out in an excited voice, “Look, Old McDonald’s!”  How does he even know to get excited about that?  He’s been there less than 5 times in his four years on this planet (and only once with me – McDonald’s has a monopoly on the Connecticut rests stops).  And still, every time we drive by he points to it, gets excited and asks to go.  I figure there are two potentially reversible aspects to this current situation.  First, he still thinks that the thing we drive by is associated with that nice farmer (Old McDonald) who has a cow on his farm with a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there, rather than the trans-national corporation behind the conspiracy to fill us with as much high fructose corn syrup and trans fats as our ever expanding bodies can handle.  Second, it’s really about the toy.  As he waxes on about how much he wants Old McDonald’s, his commentary always revolves around the toy.

So this year, I have a proposal for Mike.  How about he includes a cheap plastic made-in-China God-awful  toy with each CSA pick up?  He’s a farmer, so the song could be changed easily enough.  “Old Mike Tabor had a farm, ee-i-ee-i- o.  And on that farm he had some kale.  ee-i-ee-i-o.  With iron here and vitamin c there, here some fiber, there some anti-oxidants, everywhere some flavonoids….”   

With this one minor addition to the box, I am sure all my children will ever ask for is a box of veggies from Licking Creak Bend Farm.  Then all of our fantasies will be fresh, local, and wholesome.



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